Faculty and Frequently Taught Electives in the Minor

ACMS 34445: Probability and Statistics for Data Science (Alan Huebner, Applied and Computational Math and Statistics)

 ACMS 40640: Artificial Neural Networks (Robert Rosenbaum, ACMS)

ANTH 43200The Social Species (Mark Golitko, Anthropology)

BIOS 40427: The Epidemiology and Ecology of Infectious Diseases (Edwin Michael, Biology)

BIOS 30318: Introduction to Biocomputing (Stuart Jones, Biology)

CSE 10102Elements of Computing II (Corey Pennycuff, Computer Science Engineering)

CSE 40838: Data Visualization (Chaoli Wang, Computer Science Engineering)

CSE 44640: Data Science (Nitesh Chawla, Computer Science & Engineering)

DESN 40120: Visualization of Data (Neeta Verma, Visual Communication Design)

ECON 30331: Econometrics

ENGL 30010/ CDT 30380Text Mining the Novel (Matthew Wilkens, English)

PHIL 24632Robot Ethics (Don Howard, Philosophy)

PHIL 20647/MDSC 20647Data and Artificial Intelligence Ethics (Emanuele Ratti, Philosophy)

PHYS 60410/MDSC 40410: Patterns of Life (Dervis Can Vural, Physics)

POLS 30813/KSGA 30005/MDSC 30005Simulating Politics and Global Affairs (Thomas Mustillo, Global Affairs)

POLS 40815Visualizing Politics (Michael Coppedge, Political Science)

POLS 34815/MDSC 34815How To (Not) Lie with Statistics (Jeff Harden, Political Science)

POLS 30111: Data and Politics (Nathanael Gratias Sumaktoyo, Postdoctoral Fellow, Global Religion Research Initiative)

PSY 40121Psychological Measurement and Test Development (Ying (Alison) Cheng, Psychology)

PSY 40122: Machine Learning for Social and Behavioral Research (Ross Jacobucci, Psychology)

PSY 30109R for Data Science and Exploratory and Graphical Data Analysis (Zhiyong (Johnny) Zhang, Psychology)

PSY 40120: Advanced Statistics (Zhiyong (Johnny) Zhang, Psychology)

PSY 30105: Exploratory and Graphical Data Analysis (Zhiyong (Johnny) Zhang, Psychology)

SOC 43990/MDSC 43990Social Networks (David Hachen, Sociology)

SOC 43919/MDSC 43919Text Analysis for Social Science (Marshall Taylor, Sociology)