Faculty and Electives in the Minor


Patrick Flynn, Academic Advisory Committee (Professor and Chair of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering)

Thomas Mustillo, Program Director (Associate Professor of Global Affairs)

Mim Thomas, Advisor (Assistant Professional Specialist and Director of Undergraduate Studies of Sociology)

Matthew Wilkens,  Academic Advisory Committee (Associate Professor of English)

Roger Woodard, Academic Advisory Committee (Professor, Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics)

Faculty and Electives in the Minor

ACMS 34445: Probability and Statistics for Data Science (Alan Huebner, Applied and Computational Math and Statistics)

ANTH 43200The Social Species (Mark Golitko, Anthropology)

BIOS 40427: The Epidemiology and Ecology of Infectious Diseases (Edwin Michael, Biology)

BIOS 30318: Introduction to Biocomputing (Stuart Jones, Biology)

CSE 10102Elements of Computing II (Corey Pennycuff, Computer Science Engineering)

CSE 40838: Data Visualization (Chaoli Wang, Computer Science Engineering)

CSE 44640: Data Science (Nitesh Chawla, Computer Science & Engineering)

DESN 40120: Visualization of Data (Neeta Verma, Visual Communication Design)

ECON 30331: Econometrics

ENGL 30010/ CDT 30380Text Mining the Novel (Matthew Wilkens, English)

PHIL 24632Robot Ethics (Don Howard, Philosophy)

PHIL 20647/MDSC 20647Data and Artificial Intelligence Ethics (Emanuele Ratti, Philosophy)

PHYS 60410/MDSC 40410: Patterns of Life (Dervis Can Vural, Physics)

POLS 30813/KSGA 30005/MDSC 30005Simulating Politics and Global Affairs (Thomas Mustillo, Global Affairs)

POLS 40815Visualizing Politics (Michael Coppedge, Political Science)

POLS 34815/MDSC 34815How To (Not) Lie with Statistics (Jeff Harden, Political Science)

POLS 30111: Data and Politics (Nathanael Gratias Sumaktoyo, Postdoctoral Fellow, Global Religion Research Initiative)

PSY 40121Psychological Measurement and Test Development (Ying (Alison) Cheng, Psychology)

PSY 40122: Machine Learning for Social and Behavioral Research (Ross Jacobucci, Psychology)

PSY 30109R for Data Science and Exploratory and Graphical Data Analysis (Zhiyong (Johnny) Zhang, Psychology)

PSY 40120: Advanced Statistics (Zhiyong (Johnny) Zhang, Psychology)

PSY 30105: Exploratory and Graphical Data Analysis (Zhiyong (Johnny) Zhang, Psychology)

SOC 43990/MDSC 43990Social Networks (David Hachen, Sociology)

SOC 43919/MDSC 43919Text Analysis for Social Science (Marshall Taylor, Sociology)