“Data is the new oil, and the skills needed to mine and analyze that data are highly coveted in today’s workforce." 
— Christopher Connery ’91, vice president of global analysis and research, CONTEXT

Turn your passion into possibilities.

An understanding of data science coupled with a Notre Dame degree can open doors to careers in interesting and meaningful areas, such as: 

  • Business intelligence: Make sense of the real-time insights that mean success or failure.  
  • Healthcare: Data is changing everything from x-rays to cancer treatments. 
  • Image recognition: The technology behind self-driving cars and the ability to search for faces and objects in photos. 
  • Optimization: Serving up the closest Uber ride or most relevant Facebook ads. 
  • Finance: From fraud detection to predicting macroeconomic trends. 
  • Professional sports: Think Moneyball

Maybe that's why Harvard Business Review called data scientist the sexiest job of the 21st Century

#1 Job in America According to, it's data scientist two years in a row. Also in top 5 are data engineer and analytics manager.

2.72 M Estimated new job postings in 2020 according to an analysis from Burning Glass Technologies.

4.4 / 5 Job satisfaction rating on

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39% Projected growth in demand for data scientists and engineers according to Forbes.

$110,000 Median base salary for data scientists according to

#1 in Growth Potential Data scientist jobs have the best growth potential over the next seven years according to